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Human Concern International, Pakistan

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Skill Training Centre Akora Khattak

For economic empowerment of females from poor and low income families, HCI vocational training center is functioning in Akora Khattak. Hundreds of Afghan and Pakistani females have got training in different skills, ie.. in carpet weaving, stitching, embroidery and majority of them are benefiting and making income from the skills that they had learnt from this centre.  Some of the females are also financially supporting their families.

From HCI Hope Village Vocational training centre more than 70 trainees (Per Year) have successfully completed training in carpet weaving, stitching and in embroidery.

The tailoring, embroidery and the carpet weaving instructors are qualified trainers and they are working in this centre for the last three years. The trainees are satisfied from them and from the training.

Skill training and provision of income sources to youth Charssada

The skill development and training centre in Charsada and Nowshehra; to equip the youth with technical skill for alternative source of income is providing training facilities in four trades:

a. Shoes (Chappal) making,

b. School furniture works,

c. Sanitary works trainings

d. Electrician training

Training sessions are in progress, after getting training in these fields the poor young people will be able to secure source of income for themselves.

20 trainees are getting training in Shoe (Chappal) making skills.

15 trainees have been selected for furniture work training.

12 trainees are in sanitary works training class. The

Sanitary works trainees are taking very keen interest in the

Field, it was reported that 3 of the trainees have already got jobs in Dubai as sanitary workers.

15 persons are getting training in electrician work in Nowshera centre.


An objective of the project is to equip the youth with technical skills, to save them from illegal activities and to provide them secure income opportunities.

Tailoring Project for Female  (Lachi Kohat)

To help females to stand on their own feet and to take a step towards female financial freedom, Human Concern International had planned a skill development project in Tailoring & Dress Designing for the poor and vulnerable females of Lachi area. This project aims at the empowerment of the rural poor females, for the better and secure future.

After the completion of trainings in tailoring & dress designing, the females will be able to earn livelihood with honor.

The objective of this project is to help the poor females, vulnerable group of society and to make them as useful parts of the society

Teachers and the supervisor are confident that the trainees will easily stitch suits according to the markets demands designs. Gift were given and course completion certificates were awarded to the females after successful completion of the training.

40 females have successfully completed training in cutting, stitching and dress designing. Additional 20 more trainees are in training process. The teachers were confident that those trainees have good practice and their work is neat and smooth and it was also reported that most of them are utilizing the skills for earning incomes for themselves.

Skill development project (Sanitary works) Nowshehra.

Under this project an advance skill development center was established in village Mohib Banda in Nowshera for the youth of flood affected area. In this center sanitary works training was initiated, the duration of the course was three months. An experienced instructor was hired for the delivery of lectures and practical demonstration. The project coordinator along with the instructor developed a three months comprehensive training curriculum; the training curriculum was mainly focused on hand holding skills transfer from trainer to trainee through practical demonstrations. This training was scheduled to be composed of three stages (I) theoretical understanding of the material, tools and methods. (II) Practical demonstration in the skill development center and (III) visits to other work places where the trainees perform the skill practically.

It was planed that the classes will work in the evening so that the school time is not disturbed. As per curriculum the first two weeks were given to general introduction of tools and theory. In the middle of the course six weeks were given to the practical demonstration and the last 4 weeks were given to visit the work place for practical work. 21 trainees were trained in this center. Most of these trainees are now working, some of them are working in sanitary stores and some of them were planning to go to Middle East for work.

Skill Training Centre for Female Faisalabad

To help the low income families a skill development centre has been established in a poor locality Kachi abadi called Shamsabad in Faisalabad to help the poor women in the area. The project aims to train the poor females on advance stitching techniques on industrial machines needed in garments factories.  Duration of the training was designed for four months for each course, 20 trainees for each course; the project was planned for one year and in three batches 60 poor women will have to be trained on industrial machines for cutting and stitching. After completion of training these women will be able to work according to the demand of factories and suppliers and very easily generate sufficient amount and comfortably will support their families. These trained females will be no more dependent on others; otherwise even they will help the male member of the family.

To initiate the project HCI team visited  three times  to Faisalabad,  several meetings with communities and stock holders were  held, with the help of the official and community representatives the area for the project was selected, with the help of community members beneficiaries were selected. The master trainer was hired and a house for the centre was also acquired.  Machines, equipments and materials were purchased. In first batch 19 trainees belong to poor families have successfully completed the training, the centre and the trainees progress were witnessed by HCI staff, the trainees work were encouraging and impressive. On completion of the course, certificates were distributed among the successful trainees and for the position holder’s gift have been also distributed.

Skill Training Dress Designing:

This training course is very helpful for the females of the area as they can earn some money for themselves and also help their families in family expenses. Due to increase population tailor is needed in every Mohallah and area and for female it is not possible to go outside the village to learn some trade so to train them in their respective area is a good help so the community is happy for such training courses.

25 females completed a six month course in tailoring, dress design and embroidery training and are graduated.

Vocational Training Centre Jalalabad:

The six month course in tailoring for females in Jalalabad Behsood area has been completed and 20 females have successfully completed the training. At the end of the course trainees will receive Sewing machines and tailoring kits from HCI management.


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