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Human Concern International, Pakistan

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Emergency Relief for Malakand (Swat, Dir, Buner) Internal Displaced People (IDPs)

Swat Relief program

Due to increased insurgency in Malakand Agency, government decided to lunch a military operation against insurgents in Malakand agency. As a result of this operation thousands of families have to leave the area and became refugee in different parts of the country, mostly in Mardan and in Peshawar districts. These Internally displaced persons IDPs were placed in tented camps and in schools buildings. To address the emergency needs and assist Malakand Swat IDPs, HCI initiated its emergency relief activities.

Relief Activities for SWAT IDPS

Cooked food Provision

As food and shelter is basic and utmost need for the displaced people. Camps have been setup by government and school buildings have been vacated and provided for IDPS. Government and NGOs were providing food in camp but those who are living in school buildings, majority of them donít have food and cooking facilities. Looking to this situation HCI has started cooked food facilities for the IDPs living in three school camps, two in Mardan and one in Peshawar.

HCI provides cooked food regularly to 2,300 IDPS; those are camped in three schools. Professional cooks and helpers have been arranged for the purpose.

HCI staff daily visited each school and provided rations items and supervised cooking and distribution of food to IDPS. For this purpose committees comprising of HCI officials, school staff and IDPS representatives have been formed, to help in purchasing and supervise the cooking and distribution activities.

Cooked food:

Breakfast: bread plus tea

Lunch: Pulses and 2 breads to each person Manu change with beans, vegitable and meat.

Super (Afternoon tea)

Dinner: Rice mixed with gram, currants with other dry fruits and meat three times a week

Initially the cooked food feeding program was for two months, after shifting of IDPs from Mardan; the program was continued for IDPs camped in Bashir Abad School Peshawar for 500 peoples. In August 15 schools have been vacated from IDPs. Some of the families were still living on their own arrangements in different areas of Peshawar, providing of cooked food was difficult for HCI and its staff due to their scattered position, So we have to provide dry food items to the remaining IDPs on weekly basis. 178 people had received dry food ration from another one month.

Noon food items

HCI also provided noon food item containing, mats, buckets, bedding items, kitchen utensils, i.e... Plates, bowls, cups, tea pots, small cauldron, spoons etc... to 50 deserve families, HCI and its team with recommendation of local government officials and social workers also provides basic need items to deserved IDPS families.

Relief distribution for IDPs and for affectees in Swat valley

In September 2009 after the situation became little bit normal in Swat, IDPs were asked to go back or to vacate public buildings like schools, colleges and other private buildings so the IDPs, who belonging to safer area, went to their home while some IDPs due to security risk shifted to other areas inside Peshawar in rented houses or start living with host families in Peshawar. Since HCI was providing cooked food to IDPs living in school buildings when they shifted to other areas in Peshawar, they were in contact with HCI; those were provided dry food rations.

Relief food packages were also distributed among the affected people in Barikot Tehsil District Swat, because people of the area were badly affected both of Taliban and military operation, their homes were damaged during military operation as the businesses of the inhabitants were totally destroyed.

Food packages were distributed to 1150 families, (6906 individuals)

Packages consists of following items were distributed.

Wheat flour: 20 kg

Rice: 5 kg

Sugar 5 kg

Cooking oil: 2.5 kg

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