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Human Concern International, Pakistan

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Basic Health Unit Kashmir

To address the dire medical need of the females and children in Jehlum valley, HCI has established a basic health unit at Batlian Dopatta. Majority of the population is poor and cannot afford the medical expenses. HCI medical service in Kashmir benefited thousand of females and children in the area.

On daily basis more than 25 patients are treated by HCI BHU staff, especially children and females are commonly attending the BHU, patients, especially females have to go to city hospitals by special rented vehicles, the transportation cost is high, so HCI BHU is very effective and an easy approach for the patients. Female nurse and LHV is helping patients, patient’s get 100% free checkups and getting 40% medicines free of cost. During the period 9,636 patients have been benefited from the facilities.

Mother and Child Health Care Center (Akora Khattak)

To meet the basic health needs of Afghan and Pakistani in Akora Khattak, HCI is operating two small health projects.  One is Mother and Child Health (MCH) care and another is Mental Health and counseling centre.

There is no basic health facility around the Akora Khattak camp, hence HCI mother and child health care and mental health facility is providing the basic services to the population.

Both the services have proved very beneficial because the beneficiaries are the poor population of the area.

The record shows that 4,784 patients (per year) have been benefited from the services. Women and children patients have been provided treatment in the Mother and Child Health care centre for different diseases and

Respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal system, ENT, skin, worm, Gynae, urinary tract infection and other diseases were diagnosed as sickness.

· Female         2,175

· Children       2,609

Mobile medical aid for flood affected areas

Due to the 2010 worst flood a big destruction was witnessed in Pakistan history, many people lost their lives and hundreds of houses were washed away.

HCI also extended its help for affected people in Nowshera and Charsada with provision of food and non food items, with providing drinking water, shelter and with medical aid at their door steps.

Majority of the flood affected areas are from rural villages, people in these villages are poor. Looking to the miserable conditions HCI continued providing basic medical aid with its mobile medical unit at their door steps. This project was appreciated very well, because the victims get free basic medical aid at their door steps.

HCI mobile team periodically paid visits to Nowshera and Charsada and according to their schedule they visited different villages and examined the patients and provided the needed medical aid.

Total patients examined and benefited from the services: 13,134 (Per Year)


1- Male:       4,100

2- Female:   5,012

3- Children: 4,022

Disease diagnosed

1- ENT

2- Otosis Media

3- Gastro

4- Skin Infection (scabies) Dermatitis

5- Upper Respiratory Infection

6- Lower Respiratory Infection

7- Conjunctivitis

8- Hypertensive illness

9- Vascular headache

10- Depressive illness

Basic Health Unit (Swat)

To help the returnees of Swat operations, HCI extended its assistance with food & non food items and with medical aid. HCI mobile units provided medical aid to the affected people. After improvement in the situation, HCI established a basic health unit in a poor location of Rahimabad, Mingora Swat.


The unit is staffed with a doctor, a dispenser and a medical helper. Daily an average 25 to 30 poor patients majority of them females and children are getting benefit from the services.

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