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Human Concern International, Pakistan

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HCI needed a permanent base, facilities due to its increased activities in education and other fields in Kashmir. To meet that needs HCI is constructing a complex in Batllian  Azad Kashmir, the Complex consists of a building for higher secondary school, residential area for the staff, a health and vocational training centre buildings in future. This complex will be a base for HCI current and future development activities in Azad Kashmir.

To help the earthquake victims of Kashmir, HCI had initiated different relief activities in Kashmir; education was one of the major activities among these relief operations. From a small tent school with 11 children HCI staff stared a school. Now with the help of HCI donors and by the hard work of HCI staff, we have 8 schools functioning in Kashmir and plus 1,300 children were in these schools

HCI is providing quality education to more than 1,300 children in its schools in Muzafarabad District and more than seventy teaching staff is involved in HCI school system. HCI has provided all the facilities for education including rented building, furniture and other accessories, the community, staff as well as students are satisfied with the HCI setup in that area.

All CSPs children are provided books, uniform, stationeries and shoes.

Workshop were arranged for HCI teaching staff on different educational topics of ” AFAQ” an organization specialized in training conducted those training workshops.  All  HCI teaching staff actively participated, they were very happy  after the workshops as such workshops were very effective and useful for their field.

Swat Pakistan

Since education is the basic need of a child specially those children who cannot continue their education without the help of other people,  in Swat education system was badly disturbed, children’s schools were blasted by the militant, children especially girls were stopped from education.  HCI took part in rehabilitation the education and provided opportunities to the neglected and poor children for education and HCI activity is greatly appreciated by the community and by Govt. official.

More than 700 needy children are getting standard education in two schools in Swat Khyber Pukhtoon Khuwa. HCI is supporting the two schools in swat, one in Barikot and other in Manyar. HCI is providing all necessary school items (Furniture, Stationary, Uniform) and also paid school staff salaries. Swat witnessed destructions by militant and then due to clean up operation by Pak army, HCI like other humanitarian organizations provided various aids e.g food ration, skill training and health facilities.

Hope Village in Akora Khattak

This facility “Hope village complex” was constructed in 1984 to help the Afghan Refugees at Akora Khattak Nowshera, to provide emergency relief and welfare development activities.. The complex has school, hostel buildings, building for mother and child health care center and building for vocational training activities.

Considering the educational need of Afghan’s children in Akora Khattak, HCI had established hope village school for Afghan’s refugee’s children. Hope village school has provided best educational facility to Afghan children.

Since its establishment hundreds of Afghan children have been graduated from this institute and some of them reached to university level and even some of the students have completed university education in Afghanistan. Many students of this institute are serving in different departments like education and in Afghan Army.  Being the only high secondary school in the area, number of the students is high.

In September 2012 UNHCR team had paid a visit to Hope Village, witnessed the school activities, UNHCR team appreciated HCI efforts for Afghan children in Pakistan.

HCI Supported School (Charssada)

Due to the result of 2010 worst flood, many government run schools and private educational institutions are washed away and many damaged. Many private schools owner were unable to rebuild and to restarts their schools. Therefore many schools conditions were very poor. HCI supported two schools in Charsada to save the future of the children.

After taking control of the schools, HCI provided them furniture, improved the schools condition, hired new qualified staff In both the schools, schools were white washed and necessary painting were also done, with all these arrangements the children’s strength started increasing.  With regular supervisions attendance has been regularized and quality has been improved.

In the annual examination the school management reported that both the schools results were 80% to 82% and the result is very encouraging.

Looking to the social and cultural demand boys have been shifted to one school and girls to another. One school will function as boys section while the other will function as girls section.  In both the schools as a whole the present strength is 435, it is expected that the number of children will increase with provision of some more facilities in these schools.

It is very encouraging that with a short period of time these schools are progressing well and generating 90% income to cover their daily expenses.

Jalalabad Farme Hada School

To provide basic education facilities to afghan girls and the sponsored orphans in Farm Hada Jalalabad, HCI was supporting a lower middle school. Dozens of girls and orphan children have completed lower middle level schooling from this school.

The school is from class 1 to class 6th level, total number of students in the school was 199, all the students are girls and most of the children are from poor families, displaced camp and some of them were orphan.

There is also Hafzul Quran classes in the evening and number of girls in the section are 145.


It was reported that after annual exams, when the new classes were started, CSP children either have left the school or got admission in higher level schools and some of them shifted to others schools. Some families of the CSP children have shifted to other locations from Farm Hadda area.


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